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We offer Various Diet Plans

Time to make a change? Saral Dietz can help you learn more about the effectiveness of popular diet plans, the health benefits of your favorite foods, how many calories you really need, and more. Once you have a routine, eating foods that fuel your body will give you more energy, help you fight illness, and leave you feeling more awake and alert.

Weight Management

We help you eat right and lose weight without losing your health, vigour and palate. With over 5 years of experience in nutrition and dietetics, we guide you to a completely customizable and successful journey to healthy living. Weight loss is all about following a structured balanced diet plan. Our experience in this field gives us the skill and assurance to provide the right support in your weight loss journey. We believe psychological and nutritional support is the optimal formula for weight loss. 

A diet designed for weight loss not only helps people reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, metabolic and lifestyle disorders. Consuming good fat is healthy for the heart and helps in increasing HDL levels and lose fat.

Nari Health

Women(Nari) have different daily nutritional requirements from men and we always seek a balanced diet for good health. Women go through enough wear and tear each month as well as during the child bearing, maternity stage. hormones fluctuations and emotional well-being is tested from time to time to rectify and harmonize the internal well-being with our external glow and exuberance. We at Saral Dietz give priority to the greater of all: “Nari”. Our Yoga and diet packages are humble offerings to the soul of greatness. 

Vedique Health

The Vedique diet is an eating pattern that’s been around for thousands of years. It’s based on the principles of Ayurvedic medicine and focuses on balancing different types of energy within your body, which is said to improve health. Unlike many other diets, the Ayurvedic diet provides personalized recommendations about which foods to eat and avoid based on your body type. It’s also popular because it brings harmony within by Tridoshas and balancing our Saptadhatus and promote Swastha: Body.Mind.Soul in sync with our environment (Ritucharya).

Saral Dietz Packages